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Ensure those you care about are provided for as you wish when you pass away, no matter what the future holds. I provide expert advice to ensure you get the best from our will writing service.

  • Advice on complex situations and estates
  • Protecting your loved ones from the unexpected
  • Will writing

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

Powers of Attorney

Make the difficult times easier for you and your loved ones by deciding who makes important decisions for you when you can’t.

  • Advice
  • Property and financial affairs
  • Health and welfare


“Jenny explains things in an easy to understand way and asks questions and probes in areas that you hadn't even considered. Having dealt with solicitors previously, I wouldn't consider using them in this area again. Jenny helped with probate when my dad died, has done powers of attorney for my mum so we both have peace of mind for the future, and has written my Will. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jenny. She has an easy approach and gets the job done as painlessly as possible”

- Hellen, Driffield

"I asked Jenny to prepare a Will for me at very short notice. She explained to me in simple terms what was required and put me at my ease during what is a difficult experience. We discussed my requirements and a draft Will arrived the next day for my approval which I did and the completed document arrived the next day when it was duly signed and witnessed. The whole process was made as easy as possible by Jenny and my resulting peace of mind justified the cost. Highly recommended."


“I chose Jenny Fothergill to do my Will and also to do a Power of Attorney on my mother who is 83, not that she needs it at the moment.  Jenny was recommended to me by another colleague and she came to the house on more than one occasion.  She was most helpful and informative and very professional in all her undertakings.  I would not hesitate to use Jenny again.”


Probate and funeral arrangement

Guarantee your wishes are carried out right by those you trust after you pass away.

Ensure your funeral arrangements are dealt with smoothly and prevent costs skyrocketing to help your family at a difficult time.

About me

I’m Jenny, I run APS Legal Beverley and I’m a will-writing expert as well as a lovely person, although that last claim is up for debate. I don’t just write either. I advise and I help. I aim to make a difference to whole families through the generations by helping them stay strong and secure through good times and bad.

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Where do you keep your Will?

Where do you keep your Will?

You’ve finally made (or updated) your will, but where are you going to keep it? Storage of wills is REALLY important. Executors/family must be able to find the will when someone dies. It’s important to make sure it has not been damaged or lost. A signed will is an...

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Cohabiting couples – Fastest growing family type

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Will your online accounts and assets be lost when you die?

Will your online accounts and assets be lost when you die?

When someone dies, online providers will not allow another person to access their account or take it over, but they can take steps to close down or deactivate accounts, or pay out assets. Most institutions will only communicate with someone who is legally appointed as...

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