I’m sure you heard of the recent deaths of high profile figures – Terry Wogan, Frank Finlay, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. There are also many other people who die every day, and this has a huge impact on their family and friends, even if it doesn’t make the headlines. But what happens next?

Probate is the legal and financial process of what needs doing after someone dies. It’s the responsibility of the people named as Executors in the Will.  Many people assume they have to go to a solicitor to get this done. You don’t have to. Even when the solicitor has stored the will for you. OR, the bank will offer to ‘help’. This is a really expensive option, but the family aren’t told that. As with any service, we should get a couple of different quotes. But, it’s an emotional time and people don’t usually do that.
So, can I remind you that APS has a specialist probate division and can offer a very competitive quote, a home visit and a personal service, even if no will was made. We can also advise you if you can do part, or all of it yourself, to save costs.
You can help your clients, your friends or your family by suggesting they get in touch with me as soon as someone close to them dies, and be assured that I can help.