Are you co-habiting or about to move in with your partner? Do you know your legal rights (or lack of)?

Many people believe there is a ‘common law’ which gives some legal rights to people after they have been living together for a certain length of time – but this is not the case, and it doesn’t matter how long you have lived together, but you do not have any legal rights to inherit from an un-married partner. So what can you do about this?

Did you know that in Yorkshire and Humber, 58% – of couples who live together and have children together are not married. People who are married are actually in the minority! Maybe it’s because weddings are so expensive? By making a Will, you can gain those extra rights and protection for partners and children, AND it’s LOADS cheaper than the cost of a wedding! I do recommend you take proper advise from a legal specialist as it can be more complicated with children, property, a businesses and inheritance tax liability, and the consequences may not be what you expect.

So, if you’d like the same rights as a married couple, and help to protect those who you care about and you consider as your family, why not give me a call?