Are you, or have you been, in the Armed Forces? If so, did you know that you may already have a valid Will which you are not aware of, and it may even remain valid when you leave the forces?

Members of the armed forces are usually asked to simply write out their wishes in case of death when they first join up, and these instructions are filed away. Did you know that this document may form a privileged Will? Wills made for the armed forces do not have to follow all the usual rules to make them valid.

The problem with this is that Privileged Wills are usually made without any legal advice or any legal knowledge of the consequences of making this Will. They are not usually reviewed at any time during their time in service nor are any changes made. If the person did die and their loved ones rely on this Will, it would be devastating if it didn’t achieve what it should have. And did you know also that this Will can remain valid even after leaving the services, if it is not properly revoked. I offer free initial advice on Wills, and I would like to speak with any serving or ex-military personnel who would like expert advice to make sure that their Will does what they want.